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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Blogging | 0 comments

What is a Website and Blog, Why You Need One?

When we talk about Website or Blog it simply refers to the online media. Website and Blog, belong to same background but both are different then each other. Firstly we discuss about a website. In basic language we can say that a website is online representation of any concept, company, organization, university or any personal. Website is a collection of web pages which contains the information of the organization, the website is about. A webpage refers to a HTML, PHP or any programming language written page. In a website information can be represented in the form of text, pictures, audios or videos.

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Why do you need a website?

The new era is going on now days, we can say it online era. Everybody needs every thing online and very quick. It can be clear with an easy example, suppose their is a student who’ve just passed his BBA and now he is looking for an MBA college. There are 10 popular MBA colleges in his state and he wanna take admission in one of them. The first way to select a college is to visit every college, collect the information and select one at the end. On the other hand second and easiest way is to do a simple Google search, visit every college’s website, collect the information and select appropriate college. You all would convinced that every student will prefer the second way.

A website is very essential for any company, organization, universities as well as professionals like Advocates, Doctors, Contractors, Business men and Politicians to get in touch with audience because these day most of people search online for any service. Even if you are running a small business, a website can help you to gain more profit and customers. A website can grow your business in many ways. People prefer a online search and purchase instead of offline hard word. A tons of searches come every day even for things like “cup-plate set price“, “pizza free delivery“, “bournvita or horlicks“, “underwear brands“. It looks funny but its true readers.

With the about example you can understand that how necessary a website is. It is very difficult to describe all about website and its importance to grow your business and gain more customers. The above examples are enough to have general idea about website and its need.

Now the question is what is blog and who it differs form a static website? Blog is simply collection of regular updates or news of any company, organization, university, professional or even a personal in a regular order. Similar as website, blog also represents data through collection of web pages containing text, pictures, audios or videos but blog differs form website in some ways. Website is a overall representation of the mission of organization and blog includes regular news about that organization. Blog updates on regular basis and website not. We can also say that website is a complete entity itself but blog is always incomplete.

Why do you need a blog?

All the organizations require a blog to inform their audience about their current news, updates, events, offers, etc. From past 10 years blog has also become the source money monetization for the technology columnist. This profession called blogging and the professional called blogger. There are lot of bloggers who make lac of dollars monthly through blogging. They provide regular news, updates or article to the audience and earn dollars form different advertising programs.

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