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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Blogging | 0 comments

How to Make Blog in Less than One Hour?

We all are familiar with the term blog and website. In our daily life we use to open hundreds of websites or blogs but still a large number of people and even most of the technical educated youngsters don’t know how to make blog and website? Although blogging is common between the youth in UK and US countries but there are just few bloggers in countries like India and you can count the successful bloggers in your finger. On the other hand the fact is that in this technology era at-least every technical student must have his personal blog as his resume.

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Image Credit: [shsuonline.­wordpress.­com]

In our last article we have said that blog is also a good source of income and a lot of bloggers are generating good income form there blogs. But if you are not even familiar with the term “blog” and “blogging”, it means right now you are really so far form the term “income”. In this article you will learn how to set up a blog in less than one hour. To set up a blog and website, you will need the following raw material:

#1. Domain Name:

It is simply the name of the blog like, or Domain name is the mile stone of a blog, it means firstly you will need a name for your blog. You can easily register your domain name from any of the Domain Registrar listed below.

GoDaddy - World’s popular domain name registrar

HostCob (Recommended for India) – Easy to use and affordable.

Registering a domain name will hardly take 1 minute. The big thing is selecting a domain name because most of regular domain have already been registered by the existing webmasters. You have to do a little hard work to find an appropriate domain name for you.

RecommendedHow to Choose Domain Name for Your new Blog?

#2. Web Hosting:

You will need a web space to store your blog data online. This online web space on a server is called Web Hosting. It is also a important factor for a successful blog so you should choose the web hosting carefully. There are many popular web hosting companies in the world but we suggest you to opt a India based hosting company to get better up-time and localized support. Recommended web hosting company in India is HostCob:

HostCob Banner

HostCob (Recommended for India) - HostCob is a specialized web hosting provider company in India, offers best web hosting and domain name services. You will love HostCob 24×7 quick support and 99.9% up-time.

Some of the web hosting providers do instant setup and some may takes few hours to few day to set-up your web hosing account. The above recommended web host, HostCob provides instant setup and fully managed support.

#4. Point Domain Name to Web Hosting:

If you have purchased the domain name and web hosting form the same company then in most cases, you will get this step is already done by the company. But if you have purchased both the things from different providers, you need to point your domain name to your web hosting account. Just after your web hosting account setup you will get a mail form the hosting company having the web hosting server details, it will also include two Name Servers like and are just example name servers). Go to your domain admin/control panel and paste these name servers in place of default name servers. If you get any problem in setting up your name servers, you can send support request to your domain registrar.

Please note that updating the name servers generally takes 1-2 hours for a new domain but it may take 24-72 hours in some cases, have patience until the name servers are not activated.

#3. Blogging CMS (Blog Designing):

If you have purchased your domain name and web hosting, now you need a CMS (Content Management System) or blogging software to reduce your headache of web designing or coding. There are many free software through you can manage your blog even if you are totally unaware of web designing, coding and programming. The most popular blogging software is WordPress which is used by most of the bloggers now days.

WordPress: WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is both free and priceless at the same time.

Why WordPress? Most of the bloggers use WordPress because it is easy to set up and use, most SEO friendly, developer and as well as client side friendly and the most attractive thing is, it’s free to install and use for lifetime. There are thousands of beautiful free themes/templates are available through you can give your blog a unique look. Plugins are available for different-different tasks which are also very easy to install and use. Suppose you wanna place a pretty image slider in you blog, there is no need to doing any coding or programming, you can easily install a plugin.

Now you need to install WordPress. You will get your web hosting details in the email sent by the web hosting provider after the account setup. This email also includes the cPanle log-in details. You can go to your cPanel through the address -” or “http://IP Address:2082

The cPanel is used to maintain and monitor all the things in your website/blogs. You can install WordPress form the cPanel. Learn, How to install WordPress form cPanel with Fantastico-De-Luxe or with Softaculous?

Hope now you are aware, how to make your own blog in very less time. You can share any further doubt or your experience with us. We appreciate your comments.

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