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Posted by on Mar 4, 2013 in Blogging, WordPress | 0 comments

How to Install WordPress from cPanel with Fantastico-De-Luxe

In our last articles we have discussed how to set-up a blog and how to choose domain name for your blog. After learning about required basic things like Domain Name and Web Hosting, it’s the time to start the blog designing part. WordPress is a great and easy tool to design a blog. Fantastico-De-Luxe is one-click script install software available in cPanel, through you can install many website designing scripts including WordPress. In this article we will discuss how to install WordPress from cPanel with Fantastico-De-Luxe.


Step 1. Log-in to your website cPanel with the log-in details provided by web hosting company. Go to this address: “” or “http://IP Address:2082″and enter your log-in details to access your cPanel.

Step 2. Find the “Software/Services” Tab in cPanel and click on “Fantastico De Luxe” icon.

Fantastico-De-Luxe Icon

Step 3: Click on “WordPress” link under Blogs category. Then click on “New Installation” link. For WordPress installation, you should have 15 MB of free space in your server. If you are using HostCob web hosting, then don’t worry about the web space. HostCob provides unlimited space.

wordpress new installation

[click on image to view full size]

Step 4. Now fill this easy form:

fill this easy form

[click on image to view full size]

  • Select your domain name in the very first field “Install on domain”.
  • Leave blank the “Install in directory” field.
  • Insert desired Username and Password in “Admin access data” field. These log-in details(Username & Password) will be used to access the WordPress Dashboard, through you can make updates/changes in your blog. Don’t use “admin” as username for security reasons. Use a unique username and strong password(Alpha-numeric with special characters)
  • Insert your name in “Admin nickname” field.
  • Insert your active email address in “Admin e-mail” field.
  • Insert your blog title in “Site name” field. Usually it will be shown at the top left side of your blog.
  • Insert your tagline in “Description” field which describe your blog category/topic/niche. Usually it will be displayed under your blog title(site name).
  • Press “Install WordPress” button.

Step 5. Click “Finish Installation” button. Then insert your active email address and press “Send E-mail” button. The log-in details you’ve filled in the WordPress installation form, will also be sent to this email address.

Congratulations. You have done!!!

How to access WordPress

After installing WordPress successfully, now the question is, how to access WordPress and make changes in your blog:

To make any change or to add content to your blog, you have to log-in your WordPress Dashboard. Visit the following link to access WordPress Dashboard:

Then insert log-in details(Username & Password) which you have filled in the WordPress installation form.

In our upcoming article we will discuss on all the further topics related to WordPress like its basic and advance things. Hope your are getting benefited through our blog articles. Please let us know your reviews. If you get any problem in installing WordPress, you can place your comments.

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