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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Blogging | 0 comments

How to Choose Domain Name for Your new Blog?

Purchasing a domain name is as easy as purchasing a pencil. It is hardly take one minute to register a domain name but the most serious and hardest work is to find out a nice domain name for your blog. All of you will also agree with this point that it is the most irritating work, even some times it takes weeks to search a appropriate domain name. In this article we will share some steps, with these steps you can make this heavy task, a little easy.

touchscreen interface

Select Blog Category

There are many categories in which you can blog like Technology, Automobile, Gadgets, Education, etc. At first you have to be clear and sure that in which niche (niche refers to topic) do you wanna make your blog. Just pick a paper & pen, and write down your areas of interest, it may be like Programming, Facebook, Fashion, Health or it may also be very unique & strange but it doesn’t matter because there are millions of audience all over the world who search for every type of stuff. Now think in which topic you are having best knowledge and can write & write & write… quality content for months & years. After analyzing this select best one or two topics. We are listing some popular categories below through you can take general idea.

[table sort="desc,asc"]

Find Most Efficient Domain Name

Now its the time to search a domain name according to your selected category. Most of the regular domain are already registered so you hardly get a global domain name so you have to pick a domain name combining two or three related words. If you are not getting the domain according to your need, then the most efficient way to pick a domain name is to find the synonyms of your desired words. There is a keyword tool form Google which you can use for finding a domain name. Details are given below:

Google Adwords Keywords Tool

Google Adwords Keywords Tool is generally for the advertisers to find keyword for bidding for an advertisement on Google search results. You can also use this tool for finding keywords through you can pick a domain name. This tool will also tell you, how many people are searching for the topic, you are going to blog on.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Enter the category or related words & phrases you have selected, in the first filled. Leave blank the “Website” and “Category” options. Tick the “Only show ideas closely related to my search terms” option, it will just give you the appropriate suggestions, you can also try without checking this option you wanna see some more related suggestions. Select your country and language. In the left hand side you will see three options:

Board – It will give you the sum of the search volumes for the keyword, related grammatical forms, synonyms, and related words. For example, if you are searching for number of search volume for the keyword “online jobs”, it will also give the number of search volume for all the other keywords which includes that phrase such as “real online jobs”, “online jobs from home”, “online jobs without investment” and others.

[Exact] – It will tell you the exact number of searches of the keyword you are searching for.

“Phrase” – It will give you the sum of search volumes that include the whole phrase or near variants of the whole phrase . For example, if you are searching for number of search volume for the keyword “online jobs”, it will also give the number of search volume for all the other keywords which includes that phrase such as “real online jobs”, “online jobs from home”, “online typist jobs”, “online blogging jobs” and others.

google adwords keyword tool images

You can tick all the three options for more related suggestions. When you will search for any keyword or phrase you will get result in four columns including Keyword ideas, Competition, Global Monthly Searches and Local Monthly Searches. You have to choose the low competitive keyword with high local and global monthly search.

After taking the suggestions form this tool finalize your domain name. It is not a strict rule but always pick a short and meaningful domain name, don’t pick a domain having more than 10-12 letters.

Domain Extension

Extension refers to the suffix of the domain like .com, .org, .net, etc. It is recommend to always have a top level domain “.com”. If the desired domain is not available with the “.com” extension then you can go for other extensions like .org, .net, .info. These domains are called generic domains. This is not any official rule but we recommend to pick domain name in this order if the “.com” domain is not available:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .info

If you are targeting a specific country visitors, you can pick the domain domain according to the country. These domains are called country domains. Some examples are as follows:

  • United States – .us
  • United Kingdom –
  • India – .in &
  • Netherland – .nl

If you are making a personal blog you can go for .me or .pro extensions. If you are still confused for your domain name, just place a comment with your topic, we will suggest you a blazed domain. Are you having some more innovative ideas to find awesome domains? share with us.

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